BSO: A Viennese Concert

The Bolton Symphony Orchestra’s next concert is on Saturday 28 January at 19:30 where they will replicate the elegance of New Year in Vienna concert.

0001-12_optThe New Year Viennese Concert premiered on February 15, 1867, therefore, the BSO’s performance will be within three weeks of its 150th Anniversary.

Guest conductor Ben Crick will lead the orchestra through the fast and the furious Thunder and Lightning Polka – one of the most famous polkas ever written, composed by Vienna’s “Waltz King” Johann Strauss. To the much slower Blue Danube Waltz — possibly the most famous waltz ever written — also by Johann Strauss.

The BSO have taken some lessons in musical instruments with Webern’s Five Pieces for Orchestra which uses an unusual selection of instruments including the celesta which has a sound similar to a glockenspiel and which is French for ‘heavenly.’ There will also be a harmonium, also knowns as a “pump organ” which makes sound by blowing air through reeds which are tuned to different pitches to make musical notes.

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