The Mayor of Bolton visits The Victoria Hall

On Wednesday 28 September the Mayor and Consort of Bolton visited The Victoria Hall.

During the visit Cllr Lynda and Cllr John Byrne had a personal tour directed by Barry Massey and Patricia Harper, who are both volunteers at Victoria Hall and are tasked with conserving the heritage of the building.

The tour was filled with stories of about the significance of Victoria Hall in Bolton’s past as well as those of people who have contributed to the building and Church over more than 100 years. The Mayor explored the hall from the projection room to the auditorium, then the theatre in the basement and across to The Walker Building.

At the end of the tour the Mayor and Consort were taken to the Destitution Project. They are a charity that is ran by volunteers on Wednesday’s from 10:00 to 15:00 for Bolton’s refugees and asylum seekers. Here the refugees and asylum seekers can collect food and other supplies that are required to get them through the week as well as English Lessons and haircuts. Local businesses, churches and individuals generously give food for distribution according to need.

Barry Massey said that “The Bolton Methodist Mission has always helped those less fortunate in Bolton from the beginning, in some form or another.”

Rev Linda Barriball, Superintendent Minister, commented that “It was good to show community leaders around one of the few remaining Victorian buildings which have seen little change since opening. The Victoria Hall and Walker building serve the community today and need restoration to make them fit for the 21st century”.